Why is a career in animation your best choice?

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Why is a career in animation your best choice?

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Choosing a career in Animation: Here is what you should know

Animation is one of the raging careers among youth who are inclined towards art and have fabulous creativity. Not to mention the perks associated with the career, an animation career is also known for its high salaries and extremely celebrated nature. The animation career is the fusion of art and technology and concerns with sketching, creating layouts and producing graphics and multimedia content. An animation expert is likely to adorn the roles of an Image editor, 2D & 3D animator, Modeler, Layout or texture artist, rigging artist, rendering artist background artist, and many more. TechFetch jobs, the leading job site in the country, cites fabulous openings for animation careers. There is a surging rise in candidates opting for animation as a career choice.
If you have the right skills to make it big in the animation industry, then why wait! Plunge into the bright world of animation and choose the best job. And if you fall short of the required skills, understand the animation career requirements and prepare yourself for this lucrative and entertaining job path with the info mentioned in this article. The article takes the animation enthusiasts through the crucial skills an animator requires and a few insights into the industries that recruit them.

Young Graphic designer using graphics tablet to do his work at desk

What skills are required to secure a lucrative animation job?

Animation jobs largely focus on entertainment and media industries, making it one of the most appealing careers in the job market. Animation has a ubiquitous presence in the Gaming, TV, and movie industries, and a majority of animators are employed in these industries. The recent surge in internet-based marketing, education, and e-commerce have necessitated the widespread integration of animation to increase their appeal, which has raised the animation job prospects in those industries. Animators are also widely employed in 3D product modeling, CD-ROM production, website and graphic designing, and many more.

Animation requires an innate creative skill and passion for arts, apart from having a degree or diploma in animation or a related niche. Few other soft skills that aid for an incredible career in animation are artistic skills, color sense, exemplar visual imagination, detail-oriented, and, of course, basic computer skills. A certification in CAD is bonus knowledge that can place you in desirable positions. Here are a few educational qualifications required to land you in an ideal animation gig.

Animation courses and certifications

There is no doubt that animation is a billion-dollar industry that offers an extensive range of career prospects. Animators are widely employed in technical and creative jobs ranging from digital printing, compositing, scanning, and gaming to character animators and 3D modelers. Although Degree and diploma courses are widely prevalent, the animation profession requires intense training and experience to master the skills. Hence, experts advise aspiring animators to begin their animation sojourn by joining a diploma course in animation. Diploma courses provide a sturdy foundation in animation skills with a curriculum that incorporates specialized certifications and expert training. Some of the technical skills included in the Diploma programs are lighting, modeling, rigging, visual effects, and many more.

An undergraduate degree in animation also opens up a wide scope of specializations in animation. Although a postgraduate program is not necessary for animation, many animators pursue degrees like MFA to strengthen their art expertise.

High angle view of an artist drawing something on graphic tablet at the office

Career prospects and annual remuneration for animators

A graduate or a certified animator is likely to land in multiple job roles that include:

  • Graphic designer
  • 2D/3D animator
  • AV editor
  • Technical trainer
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Compositors
  • 3D modeler, visualizers
  • Content developers
  • Production executives

Majorities of these job roles are confined to large commercial studios that produce big movies and TV shows. Animators can also pick an alternate career as a freelancer offering their services in multiple industries. Check Out – here to know about an UI animator who shares his passion for cartoons. The gaming industry is another big industry that employs animators in large. Some of the biggest employers in the movie and gaming industry are Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, Ubisoft, Sony, and EA. Apart from its implementation in movie making, animation plays a big role in the pre and post-production of movies. Animators are usually employed in motion graphics and pre-visualization that uses digital models in action as a precursor to the actual act. Employing animated models saves a considerable cost.

Animation expertise also has a huge demand in industries like software publishing, marketing, advertising, computer systems design, insurance, medical, and architecture as a simulation for crime scenes.

The career prospects in animation are ever-evolving. Invest in this lucrative career and have a successful and interesting job for real.

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