About Us

About Movie Bakery

You want to make an animation. Really, are you sure? Are you mad, because it will take ages! Moreover, most of the work has gone overseas. And to top it all it isn’t a proper job anyway. These are just some of the things we got to hear when we were taking the first steps into the creative field. But we say, forget the naysayers. We live only once and should make the most of it. So, if you haven’t stopped reading to go munch on chips and drown out your hopelessness, take heart.

Why this site was created ?

This site was created just for people like you, artists who want to get trends, tips and ideas on animation and video making. The goal of this platform is to focus on animation with limelight on generating ideas. We know that animation and video making can be a rewarding art form when done right. Building an interplay between your skill as a visual artist and creativity as a filmmaker gives you the best of both worlds. Through this platform, we hope to bring out this side of you with the help of practical hints and tips.

Our first few forays into the world of video making, made us realise that it is a challenging task, especially for beginners. It doesn’t matter if you are a do-it-yourself artist or a company with access to an in-house team; the process can throw up many obstacles. When you have bright ideas, when you know what the latest ‘in’ thing, when the process is defined to the T, animating becomes easy is.

So, to all the newbies out there and pros who have been floundering and wondering how to take on the daunting task

– we give you this website. A place where you can learn what people love in videos. A place where you can gather information on:

• What videos are watched by people when they are happy?
• What are the tips to making a motivational animation?
• What ideas can be used to create a video that answers a key question?

By 2020, videos are slated to make 82% of all the traffic consumed by the viewer. Cisco predicts it. It means every video makers and animators will be looking for new ideas and inspirations to build something unique and we hope this platform becomes the go-to answer for all of them.

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