Privacy Policy:
The website [] offers its visitors its users the chance to view the website as per the Terms and Conditions seen below. While visiting or accessing the website mentioned above, the visitor will have agreed to all the conditions stipulated and have understood the implications if they do not comply with any of the Terms and Conditions. The user will be understood to offer their consent unconditionally to each and every one of the Terms and Conditions listed below.

Terms of Use:
The website,, allows the posting, uploading, submissions of images or pictures, profiles, videos, gifs, notes and text and information in other formats as well. This data or information comes under the Terms & Conditions’ jurisdiction as stated here. In case the visitor puts up any information on voluntarily, it is understood that they have given up their rights to any data or content they put up on the website automatically. The user should also be aware that any data posted on is non-confidential automatically.

The content posted or published on the website needs to follow the local laws and not cater to any obscene, racial, profane, sexual, pornographic element in it. The website, caters to people of different ages, and any content that violates any of the visitor’s rights will be removed pronto and the visitor who posted it will be banned pronto from the website and will even face legal action in extreme cases. Users are advised to be extremely cautious while putting up personal information. Each profile is not verified and cannot be perceived to be safe.

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