Top Video Editing Trends You Must Know

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February 26, 2017
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April 5, 2017

Top Video Editing Trends You Must Know

Trends in Video Marketing

Video editing is an exciting field of work. As much as it seems interesting, it is also challenging to work as a good video editor. It requires incredibly creative professionals with top-notch software knowledge at the same time. Video Making skills need to be such that a person can make an engaging video with content expressed in a visual form. There are tonnes of software out there that can be used to create videos. Some of the software available need you to buy a subscription for using their feature, and there are also the ones that are free.

Today when everything is available in an app, free video making applications have become really common. There are so many YouTube celebrities today who have emerged to the top with their engaging videos.

Emerging Video Editing Trends You Should Be Aware

  • Digital marketing experts have proven that the attention span of viewers online is drastically going down. Hence, video characterisation is what is happening these days. Today a viewer can forward the video to avoid the extra content and only see the central part. YouTube already has this option where an uploaded file can contain chapters.
  • Strategizing a video will become more relevant in future. It is undeniable that video is one medium through which a brand gets its maximum ROI in advertising. A few video makers are still not able to get sufficient ROI because their videos lack a strategy behind it. You should not underestimate the fact that your target audience is very knowledgeable. You cannot get away with showing them anything you want. A well thought of video is always better than a randomly edited one.
  • In 2017 a few apps came up that allowed free video-making with many beautiful features in it. This has developed a trend where people are more actively uploading videos on social media than pictures. Launching apps mean top video making software companies are trying to increase the ease of use for their users. Having a solution in mobile apps provides unstoppable mobility. You can start video editing anywhere you want.
  • Recently the world was taken by storm by the extension H.265 which is High-Efficiency Video Coding. It is developing new video standards today for good. With this new format, a user need not worry about degrading the quality of a video while compressing it. It allows enough customisation options.
  • There is a feature to go Live everywhere on the internet. The time is not far away when online live video editing will also become a thing. At present live video editing only allows us to put emojis and filters, however soon proper video editing is going to be possible when live. One can put credits, apply titles, overlays, transitions, etc.
  • Today, YouTube is not the only place where one can see videos it possible on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The scenario is going to see even better changes as Facebook plans to come up with a VR camera option. A Surround360 application that will facilitate making, editing and publishing a video in VR format. Now video makers can choose from various platforms, on which media they want to share their video.
  • Video editing software is becoming more and more accessible. Gone will be those days when a video editing tool will cost you a tremendous amount of money. Top publishers like Adobe are moving towards SaaS platform now which is a cloud-based model providing access to people all around the world. It is expected to attract non-professionals and first-time buyers.
  • We all have seen those standard aspect ratios in a picture and video. However, today a media is accessed on devices that have multiple aspect ratios along with different orientations. Therefore the traditional aspect ratios like 16:9 and 4:3 are going to go away.
  • After Facebook and WhatsApp introduced GIF option to be used readily as a sticker comment, GIFs can be seen everywhere. There is an exciting option for video makers too.
  • Seamless transition from one video to another is the future. The cuts between more than one scene will be eliminated very smoothly.

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