Importance Of Video And Animation In Wedding Websites

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April 24, 2018
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Importance Of Video And Animation In Wedding Websites

Wedding Event Without Videography Is a Myth

Many couples are about to get married but are confused about whether to go for videography or not for their websites. Many wedding event planners can help you select a videographer who suits you and are within the budget, but it’s not an easy job. Though budget should be a consideration while looking for videographers, you should do enough research before you hire someone. Whether you are building your website on your own or hiring a professional to do it, it is essential to have some candid and well-shot videos in them. Check this link to learn more.

A wedding day is the best day of a couple’s life as it is a way to celebrate the love they have for each other and a vow to honor the commitment of staying together. On such a beautiful day, you will want to share those moments with the people you love. That is why you will want a wedding website. It is a standard these days with more and more brides and grooms wishing to have one. It is not just for the techies, but this trend is for everyone. It is also a practical way to store everything related to your wedding in one place. It is an online store which can act like everything that your guests will need to know about your marriage from prep to the D-day.

Capturing The Mood of The Newly Wed Couples by Wedding Videographers hired by Event Management Company KiyohVideographer Vs Photographer : Its Not A Choice

Videographing of the wedding is something that was done earlier too, but the wedding area looked like a movie shot as there was a lot of equipment strewn all over the place. It took away the feel of a wedding arena. But all this changed once the camcorder came to the market in the 80’s. Though the videos were not of high quality, it was still in practice albeit the task was not easy. But now with the advancement in technology, the videographers get more freedom regarding movement and lighting. These days like the photographers, videographers also have the perfect equipment to capture moments in tight areas and less light with great angles. Thus videography has become a standard fixture in most weddings these days. It is not just the professionals even amateurs with high definition cameras can come up with decent videos.

Why have a videographer?

You may think that you already have a photographer why to have a videographer, but there are things that a wedding film can provide that a photograph cannot capture. Apart from the obvious fact that a wedding film can take candid photos but not the reverse. Also, you can add your favorite audio to add to the wedding experience. When the wedding day ends, and all you are left is memories, then you will be happy to relive those moments through those wedding videos which will last for many generations to come. Films are a way to capture the moments in real time and will give a unique twist to your wedding. So the best way to preserve these moments is through videos.

Create Your Wedding Website

The first thing to do is to consider all that things that have to part of your website. Below is a list of all the must-haves in it.

E-invites: The printed version of wedding invitation cards are old, no more posts and waiting for a response from people for the invitation. The electronic wedding cards are a popular form these days which not only eliminates the need for paper but also ensures that there are no lost mail or resending posts and you can also save money on the printing and postage charges. You can make electronic invites which are unique and beautiful. There are numerous websites online which can help with on this aspect. There are many templates available which you can use to come up with invites along with emailing the RSVPs creatively. You can quickly and easily send the wedding invites to your guests and add the RSVP’s to your website so that you know who is coming to the wedding, who is asked and if you have left out someone.

Directions: You don’t want your guests stranded and waiting for someone to help them with the directions for your wedding venue. The best way to get out of this predicament is to include the venue in your wedding website along with the directions. There are many apps which can assist you to accomplish this task of adding maps which includes the direction of the guests starting point. Also, ensure that you have a mobile-friendly website so that your guests can view it on the road using their smartphones.

Gift record: A gift registry helps for many purposes and adding them to your wedding website can help you achieve it. There are lots of things needed by a newly married couple as they are starting out a new life so you can add those to your gift registry. Another use of adding your stuff to this record is that you will not have to like what they bring and by suggesting what gift you want you are helping your guests present the things you’re like. Most wedding templates that are available online will have a model of it available, all you have to do is to use it and link it to the shops so that the guests can do the remaining part of buying.

Capture Videos of Wedding Wishes from Friends & Family

Tell your story: Wedding day is one of the most memorable events in a couple’s day and getting married is a milestone which the couple should share with their loved ones. On your wedding website add the story of how you met and what made you want to get married to each other. Add the story of how both of you met, and that has to come from both the bride and the groom. You can also add timelines that capture all the moments that eventually led to the D-day. Some apps can help you add the timeline to your wedding website.

Having a wedding website which includes candid wedding photography, animated videos, etc. adds not only a fun element to it but also helps you to preserve the wedding memories for many generations.

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