Video Makers

As one of the most innovative promotional and for cause video production company in the country, Movie Bakery offers over a decade of experience in creating exceptional videos for different firms.  We are an end-to-end firm that works passionately in creating videos that are noticed and remembered. We start our process by working on the initial concept, then moving on to the storyboard, followed by filming, editing and finally the post-production to delivering the final product along with digital marketing.

Movie Bakery offers cost effective packages that are easy on the pocket. The prices are determined by four main factors, namely:

  •        The total time take for production
  •        The total time taken to film
  •        The proximity of the filming locations
  •        The use of other production components like actors, animation, etc.

If you are looking to develop a video for a cause or for the benefits of society, Movie Bakery offers a discount as well.  We have already worked on several beneficial videos, which you can see in our portfolio on the website. Some of these videos even went viral, proving how talented our team is.

The equipment used at Movie Bakery is the top of the line, ensuring good quality work to be delivered to you. We are also up to date with the latest trends in the creative industry. Our staff have years of experience in creating innovative videos. In fact, one of our team members has worked on the prestigious “Paper Boy” which caught the world by storm a couple of years back.  At Movie Bakery, we believe that “strategy” is the backbone of any effective video. We will create a video strategy with the right tactics, targeting and messaging to reach your goals.

Movie Bakery will tailor-make video to your exact objectives. Since we handle everything from coming up with the creative approach to the script and storyboard, all you have to do is sit back and relax. You will soon be able to see our fine work for yourself. Our post –production team will handle all the digital marketing details, while you see your goals being reached in one easy swipe!

So if you are ready to make a big bang with your video, give Movie Bakery a call. Our creative director will meet up with you to get an idea of what you are looking for and the goals you are looking to target. Movie Bakery believes in one hundred percent customer satisfaction. We will keep you in the loop to let you know how things are going as well as get your feedback. This gives us a chance to modify the video production according to your suggestions.  So give us a call today and let’s make history together!