what are the benefits?

Why not continue to exclusively produce and publish at YouTube by yourself?
Why should you produce videos for our clients?
Where is the upside and how is moviebakery unique?

Here are some thoughts for you to consider:

Solid payment guarantee - No contest crap shots
You are getting paid for EVERY web video you produce for our clients.

We don't ask you to take any crowd sourcing contest crap shots: You won't have to
produce and publish your video first and risk ending up empty-handed.

moviebakery is established in the market. We don't mess around. Every single movie maker who has ever shot a video for us has been getting paid. There is no hidden fine print that will get you screwed. We are proud to say that we have a perfect payment record.


We even pay you for your best ideas
I gets even better: If we like your pitch and we show it to a client will pay you $125 or 100 Euros for it. No matter if your idea will be selected for production or not!

Note: This does only apply to projects where the client is involved in the decision making process and if we decide to show it to the client.

This is an additional payment and does not affect the basic payment for your video.

Bonus payment option
If a client wants to use your video off the web or books one of our add-on marketing packages you have the chance to get paid extra. You will participate if we are able to negotiate extra use (and pay) of your video.

Feedback from our viral and guerilla marketing experts
The moviebakery team will assist you in developing and fine tuning your project ideas.

Do you sometimes see a video that could have benefited from more input during story development or that just was a bit off target?

That's where we will be there to assist you.

Access to our client base
You get to work for clients that can be hard to reach unless you know them.
This is a nice way to build your resume.

Our clients will provide you with their logos and other marketing material.
There is no need for you to shoot a great video, not getting paid for it and eventually even getting sued for copyright violations.

No strings attached
You work for us when you want to and when you have time. You are totally free to pursue your own projects as well - we even support you with that. moviebakery can help you to reduce their downtime between larger projects.

Access to our movie maker community
We created an interactive movie makers community where you get access to the other film makers at moviebakery. The purpose is to connect, learn from each other and benefit from the knowledge of an exclusive crowd. This community is open to all moviebakery move makers but not to the public.

Bottom line
You are not just signing up at another XYZ web site. You have the potential to become a very important part in the success story of moviebakery. We look at you as a partner of our in house team. Without the outstanding work of our video producers we would not exist.

Makes sense? Ready to move on?

Take a few minutes to sign up. No worries, we don't want your entire life story and will not run a full background check on you;-) What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

We just ask you to fill out a quick profile and submit a link to at least one video you produced. This information helps us to match you with our clients' projects.


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