what are the benefits?

moviebakery benefits

The production and distribution of videos at moviebakery offers many more benefits:

Many ways to use your content
Viral spots, Google ad videos, content for your web site, Web TV, movie theatre advertising, et cetera. We are constantly sourcing new cutting-edge ways for you to present your videos. See our add-on boost deals for more information.
Direct access to a huge pool of creativity
Our pool of video producers instantly gets to work and delivers ideas, we pre-select
them and you'll get to pick your favorites. Unless you trust our intuition and opt for a "blind date".
High quality standards
No hassle with unprofessional artists. We know our movie makers. We make sure there
are no copyright violations. We protect your brand. You control what is being published!
Unbeatable price
moviebakery offers the most sophisticated way to get quality web videos at a low rate. Our package deals let you choose what makes most sense to you.
We are totally unique
We combine the benefits of experienced agency professionals with a huge pool of video makers. User generated content providers are popping up like mushrooms - NOBODY does what we are doing. Our content creation model is currently patent pending with the USPTO.
Our experience = secure investment
We are one of the market leaders for the production and publishing of web videos. We have worked for many major accounts and have delivered quality work 100s of times.


You could have your web videos pretty soon. Why wait? We are ready to get to work for you! Contact us to find out the best ways for you to use videos or simply get started with our order form...

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