All About Applying Makeup For Photoshoots

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April 5, 2017
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All About Applying Makeup For Photoshoots

It is well aware that makeup applied well on the subjects can enhance their beauty in photographs. Experienced photographers understand the importance of makeup to creating that perfect shot and how they can contribute to the overall look of the final image. This is one the reasons why extra care is given to applying makeup for a photoshoot.

One would assume that any light can be used for applying makeup, as additional lighting will be used during the photo session. However, since it is necessary for the makeup to stand out in the photographs, it is necessary to ensure that the makeup is applied under bright lights. Natural light is the option, although it cannot be relied upon always. Fluorescent light can make the model appear washed out, affecting the application of the makeup. Incandescent lights were used in the earlier days. However, they give off a warm glow and tend to hide the imperfections on the face. In such cases the makeup artist might miss applying makeup on these imperfection leading them to show up in the final photographs, These days most makeup artists prefer heaving led lights, as they give light without too much warmth and do not make the model look pale faced either. Interestingly led lights have adjustable color temperature as well, making them a perfect investment for any photoshoot.

Different Kinds of Photo shoot Lighting
Depending on the pictures that are being taken, the lighting plays an important role during photography sessions. Each type of lighting offers an entirely different look at the same scene. It is up to the photographer to decide which lighting should be used to the best shot possible.

Soft lighting offers the advantage of smoothing out the details as well as the textures, whereas directional or hard light tends to bring out more details in the final image. The texture is more visible while using hard lights compared to soft lights. In case directional lights are being used in the photoshoot, it is crucial to ensure that the foundation and concealer forms a smooth layer to avoid any wrinkles or creases from popping up in the images.

In case you plan on having the photograph lay more emphasis on a particular feature like the lips or the eye, etc. Directional lighting can be used to bring out the texture of these areas, with softer light pointed at the other features. Photographers lay a lot of tricks with lighting to create magical photographs

Photoshoot Makeup Tips From The Best Makeup Artists In Town

While applying makeup for a photoshoot, there are a lot of different things to keep in mind, compared to applying your daily makeup. Here are a few tips from the best makeup artist from Skulpt, Chennai to help you through this process:

  • A smooth base of moisturizer and primer is the first step. This ensures that the remaining layers of makeup can be applied smoothly with no bumps or creases. It is preferable to use matte products to avoid adding a shine to the face.
  • Eyes often form the focal point of any photograph. This is why extra attention is given to eye makeup to ensure that eyes stand out. As you make the eye makeup bolder, the eye gets defined much better in the images. Some experts recommend using more than a single coat of mascara so that lashes are actually visible in the final image. Sometimes false eyelashes are used to get great eye definition. Individual lashes can work some magic in creating a look of rich and thick eyelashes. The eye shadow used also defines the eye better by making it appear bolder. Most of the time at least two or three eye shade colors are blended to create more depth.
  • Powder is easier to blend, making it a favorite choice for makeup for photo shoots. They last longer and have a smoother finish with less of a shine, making it a popular choice for makeup artists.
  • Photoshoots are usually a tight affair and are carried out in the shortest time possible. Since the lighting used for the photo session are going to be warm, it is necessary to touch up the makeup every now and then. Reapplying the powder is crucial so that the face of the model does not appear shiny.

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